Recently Salesforce announced general availability for Lightning Web Components. A good reason to invite Christophe Coenraets, Developer Evangelist for Salesforce and one of the people behind the introduction of Lightning Web Components, to our Nextview Design Thinking Center as part of the Salesforce Developer Week to share all ins and outs first hand with the NL Developer Group.

Why this introduction?

Christophe did a great job explaining the reasons why Salesforce is introducing Lightning Web Components for extending the standard functionality in the Salesforce Clouds.

In 2014 when we introduced the proprietary Aura model for developing Lightning Components there was only limited standardization in the web stack. So we had to develop frameworks capable of handling important features. However, since then the web stack has evolved towards standard components that leave these frameworks no longer necessary. Now we had a choice: are we going to embrace these standards or not? And we do. This is too much of a game changer to ignore. So we decided that we needed to build a modern model on top of that, fully leveraging the new web standards. “

So why it this significant?

Although this might seem very technical this development is very significant. The adoption of these standards makes applications easier to develop, more robust and much easier to maintain. And the use of these widely adopted standards leads to much more flexibility in choosing browsers and devices. Furthermore, as these standards run natively in browsers this improves the performance which enhances the user experience. Finally, the use of these standards instead of the proprietary technology ensures that it becomes much easier for any Javascript developer to start developing extensions for Salesforce.

Does this mean that all my investments in extensions based on the Aura model is deprecated? Not at all. These extensions can co-exist with the new Lightning Web Components and will still be supported for a long time.  

Adoption of Lightning Web Components

We simply deliver excellence is one of the core values at Nextview. This includes using the latest and greatest technologies. This means we have adopted Lightning Web Components as the default technology for developing new extensions to the Salesforce functionality. Do you also want to profit from this new technology? Please feel free to contact Sjoerd Santegoets for more details!