The Spring ‘18 release brings a number of much awaited improvements in a variety of areas. Of particular note are Linkedin Ads.

Linkedin gives you the ability to map Lead Gen Form Templates back to the Lead object in Salesforce.

Given the reach and diversity of Linkedin professionals, the combination of these two platforms enables a powerful combination of workflow and ROI, and in particular, cost-per-lead based monitoring for your Salesforce Campaigns.

By using pre-populated forms submitted with a single click, Linkedin allows marketers to pull name, company, title, industry and a number of custom questions into Salesforce.

Linkedin Sponsored Ad and Lead Gen Form

You can easily create mappings between Linkedin form fields and standard or custom Lead fields in Salesforce. The Linkedin template allows you to create up to three custom questions.

Set-up is simple. Just navigate from “Advertise” on the home page until you have created a “Campaign Manager” account. You will have to enter your credit card details to create an account but, until you schedule your campaign start date, you will not be charged.    

Linkedin Home Page

Targeting has greatly improved since previous versions.

Linkedin Audience Targeting

After you have launched, you can analyse your lead form completion rate in the Campaign Manager until you find the right balance between click friction and having the right number of completed form fields.

Linkedin Campaign Manager, Lead Metrics

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