The Spring ‘18 release brings improvements to Einstein Analytics Cloud in a variety of areas. First off, there are many new and improved ways in which you can actually learn how to use Einstein Analytics: the help menu inside Einstein Analytics Cloud offers many links to information, a dynamic walkthrough is available and finally the Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure AppExchange package has been upgraded. This package really is worth a try I think, since it covers many essential features of this Cloud!

Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure

Cool new features in creating lenses and dashboards include:

  • Adding images to a table by referring to Salesforce URLs that contain those images
  • Setting the query limit in a step, so that top-X lists can easily be created
  • Save, share and embed a view on a dashboard (this is the dashboard that has all your filters applied)

Table images

Embedded dashboard view

An extensive list of new connectors has been added:

  • AWS RDS Aurora MySQL
  • AWS RDS Aurora PostgresSQL
  • AWS RDS MariaDB
  • AWS RDS Oracle
  • AWS RDS PostgreSQL
  • AWS RDS SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Snowflake Computing

Finally, for the administrator who is managing the dataflow in Einstein Analytics, two simple additions have been implemented, that in fact make life a lot easier. Dataflow node names can now be renamed in a very simple way. A node that is named ‘Augment_Account’ for instance gives a lot more information in the dataflow editor than ‘109’. What is also new in the dataflow editor is the ‘Run Dataflow’ button, which is where this button should definitely be!

Run Dataflow button

More to learn

Interested in learning even more? We’re offering a comprehensive and hands-on Salesforce Administration & Design Thinking Essentials course, that ensures your success with your existing Salesforce implementation. This course is uniquely designed to include Design Thinking methodology that will help the participant develop a problem-solving mindset. Download more information on our courses below.