The Salesforce Spring ’18 release brings a lot of interesting new features and improvements to the different Salesforce clouds. In this blog we’d love to update you in order to gain more insights on these improvements in the Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud. Our other blogs will get you up to speed on the new features in the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and App Cloud.

The Spring ‘18 release brings improvements to App Cloud in a various areas. First of all there is the ability to create a custom design with the enhancements to Themes and Branding.

In Themes and branding you have the ability to choose one of the predefined Salesforce created themes:

Or of course you can create your own design. The only thing needed is some well sized images and colors in the hex format. As you can see we already did some redesign to support our new brand Nextview.

Next to this new branding feature Salesforce also introduces a new URL Format for Lightning Experience and the Salesforce Mobile App. This new format has the benefits that it is more readable and solves the problem of being directed to an unexpected location when accessing Lightning Experience URLs before authenticating.

For example:

Current format: https://<>/one/
New format: https://<>/lightning/o/Contact/home

This new feature comes as a critical update which is going to be auto activated in summer ‘18. Custom developed lightning components might break and might require refactoring. It therefore is advised to check your custom developed lighting components and plan the activation of the feature accordingly.