What’s coming to Service Cloud in the Spring ’18 release?

The Salesforce Spring release always feels a bit like a late Christmas present. We’re now gearing up for the Spring ’18 release and it bring many interesting additions and improvements to the Salesforce Service Cloud. In this article, we’d like to highlight just some of the many elements of the release for Service Cloud.

‘Clicks no typing’ with Quick Text and Macros

Quick Text has already been around for a while, being a functionality that allows agents to store pieces of texts they usually add to their emails like greetings, notes and answers to common questions. With the Spring ’18 release, the same functionality becomes available in the Lightning Service Console. Good thing if you already implemented Quick Text in Salesforce Classic: it will work in Lightning without any configuration automatically!

Macros already made their way to the Lightning experience in the previous release, but will now be updated to work on most standard objects (which support quick actions) and all custom objects. In addition to that, the Macro builder now supports adding email templates (instead of static text) and email attachments. To top it all off, macro’s can also use your Quick Texts so you will never have to maintain your most-used greetings and notes on multiple places.

Small improvements that add up to big productivity wins

A couple of small improvements were made on the core object of Service Cloud – Cases – which might just have a big impact on the productivity of your agents. For example, Mass Quick Actions are now supported in Salesforce Lightning, this allows agents to quickly update up to 200 records in a Cases list view at once. This will make keeping data clean much easier.

Also, the
Path functionality that you might know from Sales Cloud is now also available for the Cases object. This functionality will really help you structure the different steps to be taken in order to fulfil a case. Good to know: the steps shown in the Case Path can be filtered depending on the record type and reordered by changing the order of the pickles field definition.

Some other improvements that are worthwhile to mention are that Emails now show up in the Global Search results as well, the email publisher is now in HTML and emails can now also be forwarded from the Case feed.

Lightning Service Console is getting more and more mature

Slowly but steadily the gap between the Classic Service Console and the Lightning Service Console gets closed. With this release it is possible to add pinned regions so that your agents don’t lose sight of important case information while viewing subtabs.

In addition,  a very interested feature pilot has started for selected customers allowing Lightning Flows for Service to be created. This functionality helps your agents to take the necessary steps in order to fulfil a case in a highly customisable way.

Service Cloud for small-but-mighty businesses

Service Cloud will also become a more interesting option for smaller businesses looking into case automation. Salesforce will launch the Service Cloud Essentials edition, which is intended for starting and small companies to get started with a suite of powerful Service Cloud features.

All in all, seems that the Spring ’18 release will be yet another great addition of new functionalities to the Salesforce Service Cloud! Stay tuned on our blog to get informed on the new functionalities in other clouds and the Spring ’18 release in general.