Have you always wanted to know how your processes really work, or whether your processes comply with internal and external guidelines and how you can further optimize these processes? Celonis Process Mining (CPM) provides a solution. Celonis Process Mining allows you to quickly visualize and analyse business processes in real-time, in order to identify bottlenecks and areas for potential improvements. We would like to share our experiences with Celonis Process Mining with our customers.

Searching for gold, the Advantages of Process Mining

A lot of valuable information is hidden in – often large amounts – of process data. Analysing this process data only makes sense if it also produces valuable information, which you can use to your business’ advantage. So, where is the gold that we are looking for?

You can quickly identify and analyse all parts of a process using process mining. A business process model is defined upfront that describes how the process should be executed, but in practice several variants often occur. People consciously or unconsciously deviate from the predefined process. Many of these variants are not even known to exist and, consequently cannot be found on your KPI dashboards. And this is exactly where much is to be gained!

Using Celonis Process Mining all these process variants can be discovered, made more visible and analysed. This offers the following advantages:

  1. Transparency in processes
    Process mining provides full visibility of the actual processes and all the As-Is process variants. While traditional KPI reports show information on the desired process, process mining results show information on the actual variants that emerge, which nobody knew occurred. This ensures, among other things, for awareness among employees in your organization and can shorten the implementation of process improvement and IT programs.
  1. Continuous process improvement
    Bottlenecks and weaknesses of a process can be quickly identified and analysed. Using process mining one can simply go from looking at the process overview to the lowest levels of data and find the ‘root causes’ of unwanted process variations or long lead times. Based on this improvements can be made to the process and the effect of the process execution can be measured. This saves costs and time and increases the quality delivered to the customer.
  1. Fraud prevention and compliance supportDeviations and risks in processes can be detected and analysed in real-time. You can check whether processes are actually complying with internal procedures of your organization and with external laws and regulations. Auditors no longer have to execute long-lasting data analyses or carry out interviews, as the actual process data is instantly and easily comprehendible.

How does Celonis Process Mining work?

Celonis Process Mining, or CPM in short, is fully integrated with the SAP HANA platform. Once the process data (this can be either SAP or non-SAP data) is available on SAP HANA it can be immediately analysed. In a Proof of Concept at one of our customers we sent both data from SAP ECC and data from a customer-specific system to SAP HANA. You can combine this data in your process analysis. The speed and power of the SAP HANA platform allows for the possibility to analyse large amounts of process data (big data) in real-time within a few seconds!

Example: analysis of the procurement process in Celonis. 

Within 2 weeks, a number of process analyses and dashboards were customised. Celonis offers a graphical user interface which can be flexibly arranged with the desired process overviews and dashboards. This also allows process analysts without IT knowledge to perform analyses and quicky create custom dashboard and analyses. All this without ever knocking on the IT department’s door to make them change reports and dashboards.

SAP Process Mining by Celonis covered in 1,5 minute

Celonis Process Mining (CPM) offers the following possibilities

– Visualization of ‘As-Is’ processes through process flows. Various process variants become transparent, the process steps are displayed in chronological order including numbers (such as the number of orders and calls) and duration. The different process variants are also animated.

– Extensive filtering and selection options to zoom in on specific cases or process components. An example is, selecting all purchase orders from Spain by simply clicking on this country in the graphical map.

– Drill-down from a process overview to the lowest level of underlying data, including orders, customers, cases and so on.

– Extensive analysis capabilities. For example: show the time between the delivery of a product X and the payment of the invoice.

– Flexible customisation of dashboards. A process analyst, without programming skills, can create his/her own dashboards and share them with his/her colleagues. Several standard components are available for this.

– Integration with Microsoft Office applications and the ability to generate reports.

– Providing data anonymity, applying authorisations to different roles and specific data.

Continuous process optimization through real-time insight

Celonis Process Mining allows you to have real-time insight into your actual processes and provides a solution to analysing large amounts of data. This gives insight into processes and offers the ability to optimize these processes continuously. Already during the Proof of Concept execution, unexpected and undesirable process variations were highlighted. ‘This can’t be right’ was the first reaction, however, after further analysis these variations were seen to occur in practice. Right away thought was put into how these variations could be avoided in the future. The gold is already hidden in your process data, you only need to dig it up!