This blog has been written following the Leonardo Live event in Frankfurt. Leonardo is not just another piece of software, it is the SAP foundation to become a Smart Business. This blog is about becoming a Smart Business where Leonardo is the agile system of innovation for the Smart Business.

From SAP ERP to S/4 HANA Public Cloud

Gartner introduced the concept of two-speed IT where a distinction is made between the system of record and the system of innovation. SAP ERP has been the system of record for many companies for many years, currently 85% of all business transactions worldwide touch an SAP system. SAP ERP is therefore the system to get your business going. It is basically a utility and you must be able to rely on it. Keeping the lights on is the credo for many ERP system, it must be highly available against the lowest cost. SAP recently introduced S/4HANA Public Cloud as their answer to modern ERP: easy to implement, industry specific and subscription based. It is the core of the Smart Business.

The possibilities of an connected enterprise are huge. According to Henning Kagerman the technology at hand is not new and he defines Digitization of companies to become smart businesses, digitally enhanced using Machine Learning, AI and the so-called Digital Twins of physical assets. It is about the business 2.0 where companies re-invent themselves and use high performance technology with great User Experience to create business value. SAP wrapped the system of Innovation in SAP Leonardo where it intelligently connects people, things and businesses.

Recipe for Success

Presented by Hasso Plattner during SAPphire 2017 the recipe for success for a Smart Business is: S/4 HANA Public Cloud + Machine Learning = Self Driving Business. This formula really touched me during that key-note and is really the essence of what we do at The Next View. Imagine what happens as Self-Driving cars really become reality, is the car manufacturer that still in transportation are transforming to a provider of entertainment or a mobile Learning Hub? Self-driving businesses can focus on innovation and excellent customer experience.

SAP will deliver Leonardo Industry Accelerator packages to kickstart the transition to a smart business. Many Connected Solutions are readily available:

Connected Cars / Vehicle Insights: integrated supply chains are the first step. Learning from big data and changing behaviour of the drivers comes next. There is where Design Thinking kicks in to reinvent business models for instance for insurance companies.

Connected Goods: for businesses like Red Bull and Heineken the customer experience of the product is highly depending on the temperature of the product. With connected vending machines it is possible to pro-actively act on temperature increases but also to add camera technology to ensure the right product is in the fridge.

Connected Agro: collect data about soil, crops and harvesting and use big data to reduce usage of pesticides and fertilizer.

SAP Leonardo for Sports & Entertainment: Football clubs like Anderlecht and Bayern München use Leonardo fan engagement and provisioning of statistics. Another great example of Machine Learning to achieve data driven sports management is Remiqz. A Dutch startup company that provides the predictive intelligence service for football clubs. By using event data from all games over the last decade, our software determines the current and future added value of all players and corresponding team performance. It supports professional clubs in scouting, coaching and general management by making profound decisions in their transfer policy.

Markus Noga (VP Machine Learning at SAP) states it clearly: It is not about collecting more data. We need bright algorithms that will take care of the decision making at the the edges of your network of devices. The edge computing facility will provide triggers to ERP based processes as well as improvement of the algorithms.

IoT service 4.0

In case you need bespoke scenarios these can be developed using the IoT service that runs on the SAP Cloud Platform. The acquisition of Plat.One (2016) is now fully integrated in the SAP portfolio and available as the IoT 4.0 data service.

Business as a force for good

The Next View is a certified B Corp and we are using our business as a force for good. The goal for SAP is to be climate neutral by 2025. All data centers today are CO2 neutral which is another reason to move to cloud technology. The Next View and SAP together are working on the true purpose of SAP: helping the world run better and improve people’s lives.

Sam Yen summarized the need for Design Thinking very well: Improve peoples lives by humanizing technology. We should use Design Thinking to define Leonardo based solution. Come visit us in the AppHaus in Amsterdam. Be Smart and onboard to Smart Business powered by SAP Leonardo.