Everyone is using a cloud solution possibly without knowing. For example, when you are using Gmail, Facebook or Dropbox, you rely on a cloud-based application for storage of your personal data. So, in our personal life we are using the cloud to store, share or read information. But cloud computing solutions can also be used within your company!

The top 5 business benefits of these solutions are:

1. Security

This is the number 1 advantage when using a cloud application. Not every company has the resources to hire the best security specialists. This makes your company an easy target for hackers. Cloud computing allows you to combine the available budget and time from multiple companies, which gives you the possibility to indirectly have one or more of the best security people in charge of protecting your data.

2. Mobility

By using cloud-based applications your data are not stored on a local server. This means you can always access your documents via your business application on your smartphone or other mobile device. So whether you are on location at a client or having a cappuccino in the local coffee shop, your data are always within reach.

3. Automatic software updates

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to wait for a software update again? A cloud application makes it possible to receive new updates, solely by refreshing your browser. The time and budget that is normally spent within your IT organization on updating your applications, can then be used to implement new innovations or to add real value to your company.

4. Sustainability

Nextview is a Certified B Corporation and takes having a positive impact on the environment very seriously. By using virtual services, cloud infrastructures will help you to save energy. Because these infrastructures make you able to retrieve your data regardless of where you are, it also makes it easier to work paperless.

5. Disaster recovery

How fast is your organisation up-to-speed again when you have a fire in your data center? And how many important documents will be lost if your laptop is stolen? When you don’t have or don’t like the answer to these questions, you have to consider switching to a cloud-based application. When using this application, data is stored in multiple data centers and confidential documents are stored in a cloud-based storage solution. So when there is a fire or a laptop is left behind in the subway, losing data is the last thing you have to worry about.

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By Robert Jan van Erp