Innovation is the key to the future. Without pushing the boundaries of technology, businesses become stagnant. Ensuring that we are on the cutting edge of innovation makes us approach each project with the mindset of doing, thinking, and delivering the unexpected. By daring to do the unexpected, we have recently been acknowledged by receiving two 2017 SAP HANA Innovation Awards for two of our most innovative projects.

The SAP HANA Innovation Award celebrates partners and customers that use the SAP HANA platform to bring technology to new heights. The Next View’s Suiker Unie Smart Faming application placed second in Process Innovation and Remiqz was honorably mentioned for their data driven platform.

Suiker Unie Smart Farming

The first project acknowledgedwas a result of a fruitful collaboration between the Suiker Unie and The Next View. Through the use of big data and SAP HANA technology, sugar beet farming is being transformed. With insights from big data, Suiker Unie can provide growers with targeted agricultural advice that is completely tailored to the individual breeder. In this way, Suiker Unie optimizes the yield for itself and its growers and, at the same time, works towards as sustainable agriculture as possible.

The solution includes a mobile application built with SAPUI5 technology. This allows the inspectors to capture their field observations and forward them to the in-memory platform SAP HANA. Suiker Unie reads this data and has an overview of each plot regarding all relevant agricultural parameters, which is projected on a geographic map. Based on this data, the cooperative can, in the long term, provide more targeted agricultural advice to growers.

Remiqz Big Data Football Platform

The second project on the lineup is shaking up the international football market. Remiqz, together with The Next View and Hypercube, uses predictive analysis to calculate the market value and future value developments for European league football players. Remiqz has the goal of improving the decision making process of transfers by bringing transparency to the market.

The software doesn’t only calculate market value but also provides insight into the consequences of a transfer for the commercial potential of the entire team. With Remiqz’ platform, clubs will be able to take a look into the future and be provided with hard numbers that can be used to support their strategy.

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