The Next View is proud to announce they have been named the 2016 Platform Co-Innovation Partner. This award was based on The Next View’s successful implementations and projects in the last year. 

The Next View has had a busy, however, fulfilling year. From data driven farming to predictive analysis in football, the supply was never short of innovative and cutting edge projects.

Suikerunie Smart Farming

What started as a brainstorm session in the Design Thinking Center, has evolved into a full-blown, data driven project using HANA and SAP Cloud technology to increase the sugar beet yield. The project is made up of three key parts, a field operations app, IoT in the harvesting process, and data-driven breed and cultivation advice. These elements come together to give farmers information about the entire growing and harvesting process, from cultivation problems and advice, to harvesting progress.

Dommelstroom Hydroelectric Plant App

We were also involved with a crowd funded hydroelectric plant project for the Dommelstroom in St. Michiels-Gestel. Together with the local community, The Next View helped bring clean energy to over 160 houses by donating the development of an app that provides real time insights into the plant including the level of produced energy, water volumes, height differences, and speed.


2016 was also the year that Remiqz came to life. Remiqz is a big data platform that determines objective transfer value of professional football players. This platform calculates the current market value of more than 10,000 players in leagues across Europe based on a vast range of available data to make the process of determining transfer value of players more concrete.

PWN Smart Valves

While still a work in process, The Next View has been busy with developing Slimme Afsluiters (Smart Valves) with PWN. Together with SAP, 3D printing providers, and Econosto, The Next View and PWN have started the process of realizing a smart water grid. By applying SAP Cloud and the GeoSpatial engine, it will soon be possible to detect and inform relevant parties about water quality issues.

The Next View SAP AppHaus Network

The Next View and SAP have been working together to realize more co-creation and innovation in the Netherlands with the Design Thinking methodology. Ton van Dolder, Managing Director at The Next View, explains, “We are delighted to have won this award. It’s a wonderful achievement that confirms our commitment to innovation through Design Thinking.”  The Next View works closely together with the Design Thinking Center in Amsterdam. The Next View is the first partner in the SAP AppHaus Network, the SAP partner network that focuses on innovation and co-creation through Design Thinking.

It was a great year for The Next View but there is still work to be done. Ton van Dolder goes on to say, “We couldn’t be happier with this great accomplishment, it was truly an insightful year with many fantastic projects. Stay tuned for 2017 because we’ve got more in store!”