The Next View is more than pleased to announce that we have made it on the Best Workplaces 2017 list, joining the ranks of various international companies who have met the standards set out by Great Place to Work® in creating workplaces to be proud of. The Next View has been listed 7th in the category Medium Sized Workplaces.

Great places to work have various characteristics that they share. These are all built around the establishment of trust between management and their teams, as well as between colleagues. Providing a great product or service to your customers is not enough. In today’s world, businesses need to create a working environment that their employees look forward to going to every day. To do this, managers should take a bottom up approach to learn what their employees want and need from their employers.

Listening is essential. Through listening employers are able to understand the perspectives of their employees on a deeper level. Setting the norm of open communication is the first step, as this facilitates honesty and trust. By staying open to feedback, companies can find new solutions and ways of thinking.

Through listening, The Next View is better able to deliver excellence. Without having an open communication policy, we would never know how we can improve our practices. We often take moments to speak to our colleagues and collect feedback about how we can do things better. This inspires change and innovation, which is the foundation of the work we do.

Create a culture you are proud of. Knowing what you stand for as a company helps your company culture flourish. What are yourvalues? How can they be seen in your day-to-day? These are primary questions that should be answered so you can create an environment that is pleasant to work in.

We do business with our hearts by implementing programs like being a P.E.T. workplace and partnering with local communities for social initiatives. These are iniatives that drive us as a certified B Corp. We love doing good and making the world we live in better for all walks of life.

Invest in your team. By taking the time to create a ‘family feeling’ between your employees, it’s more likely that they will stay loyal to you as an employer. Go on team outings, encourage your departments to collaborate. Ensure that each of your employees knows how much they are valued, from interns to managers.

The Next View has done that by instilling the value of working like friends in our company culture. We  aren’t run like a hierarchal organization, because we want to ensure that everyone feels equal. When employees feel that they are equal to their colleagues, it encourages them to take responsibility in their work. Which, in turn, inspires them to take pride in their work. 

Building A Great Place to Work takes time and energy. But the payoff in the end is well worth it. As they say, happy employees, happy customers!

The Next View is part of We Accelerate Group, which as a group is named Best Workplace 2017.