SAP Vora makes Data Exploration, Data Science, and modeling more intuitive and accessible in the Hadoop platform and allows native integration with SAP HANA. Recently, we shared our latest VORA blog based on SAP’s recent developments in SAP Vora 1.4. Next to Roadmaps updates, TechEd’s and InnoJam’s, SAP is also providing a platform to get more developers acquainted with new SAP technologies in a fun and casual environment.

On April 26th, 2017, one of SAP’s product managers, Jason Hinsperger, and Witalij Rudnicki, SAP Developer Relations, hosted the first SAP Vora CodeJam in the Netherlands. Myself along with Frank Ypma attended the CodeJam to get more in-depth and hands-on with Vora.

Sander de Wildt and Frank Ypma @ SAP Vora CodeJam 2017 Netherlands

Next to the practical side of things, Jason also provided more background information, such as technical upgrade paths, release schedules, and Graph/Time-series functions. Below is a small impression of the SAP Vora CodeJam 2017 CodeJam tour.

Example of graph processing with SAP Vora

Sander de Wildt and Frank Ypma (in the background) having dinner with the participants

Jason explaining how SAP Vora complements the Apache Spark framework

It was a good get together to exchange experiences with SAP and other participants. We want to thank Jason and Witalij for presenting this session and SOA People Nieuwegein for facilitating the event.

The power of Vora

In order to stay competitive as a company, data-driven decision making is key. With Vora, SAP is facilitating tools to gain even more insight on the continuously increasing data requirements.

The Next View can help in the E2E Big Data solution. With the Design Thinking Center, we can help you investigate your data-driven journey and integration of Hadoop/Vora in your business. Would you like to see the presentation that Jason Hinsperger gave at the event about SAP VORA Product Management? Download it below.