The Next View and SAP Netherlands work closely together to realize more co-creation and innovation in the Netherlands through design thinking methodology. That is why The Next View closely works together with the Design Thinking Center in Amsterdam. The Next View is the first partner in the SAP AppHaus Network, the SAP partner network that focuses on innovation and co-creation through design thinking.

In 2013, the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg opened its doors to work collaboratively with SAP customers. The SAP AppHaus Networkwas formed in order to broaden the existing concept on a partner level. We are proud to announce that The Next View is the first member of the SAP AppHaus Network. The name AppHaus is a playful reference to Bauhaus, an architectural style that combines different disciplines. By design thinking that is the case. The methodology does not take technology and features as a starting point, but rather the user’s problems and how those problems can be solved with smart design and innovation.

Oscar Mulders, partner and co-founder of The Next View: “There are heaps of promising technological developments, like blockchain and the Internet of Things. The challenge is to turn this technology into smart applications or even new business models. Companies realize the great importance o the possibilities of these new developments. We notice that customers increasingly need help in that process.”

The first succesful cases have already taken place. A good example is that PWN water company. The foundation was laid in the Design Thinking Center for a system in which Lora sensors inform the technicians about the current status of underground valves. As a result, technicians may carry out maintenance and repairs more efficiently. “A good example of the value of the Internet of Things in practice”, Mulders says. Also Alliander is using Design Thinking in their projects. Read more about their experience with Design Thinking in this blog.

Andreas Hauser (SVP, SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center) explains: This is going to help us scale the AppHaus concept globally and at the same time it helps our partners to leverage their services. I am excited to see that our first partner The Next View already created case studies by combining the power of Design Thinking and Design Doing with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.”

Peter Veenstra, COO of SAP Netherlands, explains that companies like The Next View gives an important contribution.“Co-creation and design thinking are dependent on good cooperation between market players. You need each other’s expertise, experience and inspiration in such a process. Therefore it is in our view an important step forward. The Next View, together with the Design Thinking Center, performs an important role in the SAP Apphaus Network. Through this kind of cooperation we can initiate, improve and accelerate innovation“, Veenstra said.

The Design Thinking Center opened its doors in February 2016. The space is about 600 square meters and has nearly no fixed walls, allowing The Next View a flexible way of working. This really makes the difference for Mulders: “This creative space does not only change the perception of our clients, but it also affects the way I work. We really want to understand the challenges our customers are facing, instead of offering ready solutions. Today, we drive innovative projects that we’re able to deliver thanks to the Design Thinking Center. I want to be much more than the IT partner for my clients, I want to be their business IT partner and I think the SAP AppHaus Network will help in reaching this goal”.

Read more about our partnership and our mission to innovate with desing thinking methodoloy in Dutch IT Channel (article is in Dutch). Do you want to know more about design thinking and how we can help you to innovate? Reach out to managing partner Oscar Mulders.