Since we are in a major digital transformation era a lot has been changing over the last couple of years. Things have been accelerating like we have never seen before. For most companies, there are new opportunities but also new challenges. Among all changes, companies are are now dealing with new regulations that are getting stricter with the day, like GDPR.

This year especially, a lot of companies are very concerned about GDPR regulation. It’s not an easy regulation to comply with because there are a lot of different requirements and there is not one solution for it.

In March this year, SAP has launched the new SAP GRC 12.0 version. The biggest change is the look and feel to enhance user experience. SAP GRC will have a Fiori like front end (users can still keep on using NW if preferable). Also integration with cloud platforms and new SAP products like SAP Ariba, SAP Concur, SuccessFactors and S/4HANA cloud. This can be achieved with IAG (SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance). This will be used as a bridge to connect with all cloud based applications (SF, Ariba, S/4HANA, etc).


Some of the new functionalities are the easy access through UI5 & SAP Fiori applications to allow the use of SAP GRC on mobile devices, persona based personalisation application – user preferences and new SAP Fiori apps are planned to be launched. Companies can now run risk analysis for Fiori, new Fiori rule set.

In this new version, customers will also be able to use Emergency Access Management for HANA DB. This is something that was being asked for a while. SAP IdM is integrated with SAP Access Control. And a huge improvement is the integration with Employee Central Payroll system.More about it can be found on SAP note 2167337.

In this release, SAP improved certain functionalities that already existed in previous versions but that needed some attention to get a better result.  Some of these improvements are:

  • Reporting with the new Fiori dashboard
  • Overview page to visualize key metrics
  • User Access Review job optimization
  • Repository sync optimization
  • Optimize LDAP sync
  • Mass role methodology update possible
  • Simplify Firefighter owner/controller maintenance

Furthermore in the GRC suite (AC, PC & RM) there are few new important functionalities such as the support of cloud applications through Cloud Identity Access Governance or the risk analysis for the Fiori apps in Access Controls. In Process Controls the way Controls are mapped has changed and in Risk Management some of the changes are an easy and simple way to send out surveys and a simplify process of risk validation.

These are just some of the new changes that we Nextview can help you discover and/or implement.

The road to the future (roadmap)

SAP will keep on improving GRC and we will stay tuned to see all future changes, but right now the plans are to develop more and more cloud based applications.

For 2019 they plan to have a new release of SAP GRC that will be either version  12.1 or 13.0. The intention is that this will embed more and more machine learning and predictive capabilities within the solutions to be able to accelerate the decision making processes.

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