The Salesforce Winter ’18 release brings a lot of interesting new features and improvements to the different Salesforce clouds. In this blog we’d love to update you in order to gain more insights on these improvements in the Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud. Our next blog will get you up to speed on the new features in the Community Cloud and App Cloud.

What’s new in the Service Cloud?

By Stef van den Oever

I’m really fond of the latest improvements in the Lightning Service Cloud console. Since the Winter ’18 release, I’d consider the LEX variety of the Service Cloud console a viable replacement of the classic console. Many productivity improvements were made like the availability of macros that allow agents to easily execute repetitive tasks, the addition in the Omni-Channel widget that allows Live Chats to be routed to active agents and the brand-new Milestones component that allows your agents to keep track of case milestones.

On top of all that, the Service Setup now offers a flow that allows administrators to easily set up the Knowledge functionality to be used in your Service Cloud app – forget about reading implementation guides and dive right into making use of this valuable feature!

We already knew how communities can be of great added value in our support processes, but as of this release the Community 360 functionality is generally available. This functionality links the behaviour of your customers on the community to the Service Cloud. Always be one step ahead of your customers by knowing which articles they already read and if a case was already logged.

What’s new in the Sales Cloud?

by Nienke van Es

There are a lot of new cool features in this Winter ’18 release that will improve productivity, some of them I know a lot of you have been waiting for. I will share some of my personal favorites.

I’m really happy with the extended Lightning My Events calendars features. You can now invite contacts, leads and other Salesforce users to attend your meetings, and also see how meeting attendees responded. You can give your coworkers access to your My Events calendars to share availability, meeting details and let them add events to your calendar. You don’t even need to refresh your browser anymore as it refreshes itself every 60 seconds.

Although Lightning console apps don’t yet have full parity with the Salesforce Classic console apps and therefore you can’t migrate Salesforce Classic console apps to Lightning, the Lightning Sales Console is definitely something worth investigating.

With the Winter ’18 release Collaborative Forecasts is finally added, plus other great improvements including the ability to add favorites, navigation rules and additional keyboard shortcuts.

On the subject of accurate data, you can now also view duplicates on person accounts in Lightning Experience just as you could on business accounts, contacts and leads. If you have the permission you can even merge person accounts too.

Also new in Lightning Experience is the use of duplicate record sets. When the Report option is selected in a duplicate rule, Duplicate Management creates duplicate record sets of duplicates found by the rule. You can also create duplicate record sets, adding any records you like as duplicate record items. You can even use duplicate record sets to merge items on the same object.

And finally speed through your lead conversions with added flexibility. The new lead conversion processmatches leads with contacts and accounts already in Salesforce. At the same time, you can create an opportunity or select one already in the works.

There you have it! Have fun exploring these new features from the Salesforce Winter ’18 release! Stay tuned for our next blog where we will get you up to speed on new features in the Community Cloud and App Cloud. If have any questions or would like some advice concerning certain topics, feel free to contact Stef van den Oever or Nienke van Es.

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