Does it take a lot of time to setup and maintain your Development street? Or do you don’t have a proper street available? A good cloud solution, like Salesforce, will help you setup your environment in less than two minutes.

Development street

First things first. What is a Development street? Our maybe you call it DTAP-street (Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production). It’s a set of four environments that make sure that changes that are needed don’t result in defects in the Production environment. Of course, the environments will not guarantee that no defects will be found in Production. But if you let the changes travel from Development to Production and execute the proper tests on every environment, the chance of defects is significant lower. Below a short explanation is given.

  • Development: the starting point where developers create new changes and test their own changes (unit test).
  • Testing: the changes are tested to check if they fit the requirements. Usually this is done by a professional tester.
  • Acceptance: the last environment before production is available for the Use Acceptance Test. The user can test the changes via use cases that are similar to their regular work. If the user/tester official accepts the changes, the package is ready to deploy to Production.
  • Production: this is the ‘live’ system that the organisation is using. It’s important that all the defects are fixed before the changes are deployed to Production.

On-premise solutions

In the past I worked with an on-premise solution and I needed to setup and maintain the Development street. We needed to order the hardware, install the operating system and then install the database, application server and web server. All the steps were documented because they needed to be executed correctly for every environment. You can imagine that that it took some time to set up this new street. Also when you have  a more advanced setup with multiple streets, it will require a dedicated team. The question is if there is an easy way to setup and manage your environments.

Cloud Solution 

The answer is simple: you have to migrate from an on-premise solution to the Cloud. Of course, this sounds easy, but is there a cloud solution available that fits your requirements? I can’t answer that question. But I can show you how easy it is to implement an environment and an entire street in Salesforce. The three simple steps to create a copy of one of your environments in Salesforce are shown below.

Step 1: Click on New Sandbox

Step 2: Give your new sandbox a Name and Description. You can also clone a different environment than your Production environment.


Step 3: Click on the Create button.

Your new Sandbox will be available in a couple of minutes. You can easily repeat the steps for the Testing and Acceptance environment. In less than five minutes you are ready to start your project!

Would you like to receive more information about setting up your development street, or would you like to know more about the world’s #1 CRM cloud solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us!