The Easter Bunny has had some trouble keeping up with the new developments in the world for the last couple of years. With the rise of social media, his biggest fans (even the youngest ones) stay glued to their screens waiting and anticipating his latest status update about his deliveries and whereabouts.

In times like these, Easter Bunny is finding it difficult to slip up. Whereas in the past he could afford a small mistake every once in awhile, nowadays the eyes are on him and being just marginally late is out of question.

As the big day approaches, Easter Bunny has a lot to consider. What are the new addresses on his list of stops? And which require the largest amount of focus?

In order to ease the anxiety of the upcoming big day, we invited the Easter Bunny to the Design Thinking Center to develop his Customer Journey. During his workshop, he realized that his skills were lacking in the planning and delivery stages. Plus, he did not know his target group well enough. With these insights, we knew it was time to optimize and improve his Customer Journey!

Luckily, Salesforce integrated Einstein into their systems to make them even smarter, which helps Easter Bunny focus on the right addresses, at the right time. With this technology, he’s now able to find his hottest prospects with Einstein Lead Scoring, with just the push of a single reporting button.

We also used advanced knowledge to make it possible to find the ideal route for his deliveries based on geolocation and other parameters, such as sun intensity (don’t want to scramble his eggs) and the wake up times of his prospects.

Even the Easter Bunny has trouble making sure that everything runs according to plan, especially with heightened expectations and scrutiny. There are always those cases where he needs solutions, quickly!

For those moments, there’s a customer service hotline where eager to help individuals will be ready to tell him where to hop to repair broken eggs. With Field Service Lightning he will receive real time advice about how to solve his case, whether it’s a cracked egg or a chocolate meltdown.

This is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship, we’re looking forward to extending and expanding our collaboration in the years to come!

Are you running your operation as smoothly as the Easter Bunny these days? Let us know!