13-11-17 Earlier this year we launched Nextview School in cooperation with Salesforce, pursuing the goal to add more trained professionals with a problem-solving mindset to the ever growing Salesforce ecosystem. We don’t believe in ‘just’ teaching Salesforce basics, which is why we enrich our courses with Business & People skills using Design Thinking methodology. Nextview School transforms administrators into internal consultants and enables them to build user-centered solutions using the power of the Salesforce platform.

In our five day course (Salesforce Administration & Design Thinking Essentials) participants will learn how to navigate the Salesforce app, how to setup and manage users, security and data access and do object customisations. In addition to that they also will learn the concept of Design Thinking and how to ask critical questions. The participants will build a user journey and define a challenge at the beginning of the week and will be able to ideate and build and present a solution at the end of the course.

The SA&DTE course was also the starting point of Tamara de la Loza and Rick Dammers. Two of our participants whom we took by the hand and guided all the way to a successful exam.

What did you think of your Nextview School course?

Tamara: “Stef and Nienke were excellent and patient teachers, helping us wrap our heads around some of the most complex topics. With their industry experience they were able to provide us with great examples to help us understand the material on a deeper level, instead of just working to memorise the facts. Additionally, learning and practicing design thinking has made the course more applicable to everyday work experiences, where you will be challenged to strategically and creatively implement successful solutions.”

Rick: “The inspiring environment (the Design Thinking Center), great group of students and professional trainers of Nextview School have given us the drive to pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam.”

Once again congratulations Rick and Tamara with your Salesforce Certified Administrator certification!

If you, like Tamara and Rick did, would like to sign up for our next course (there are still a few seats left in December) feel free to contact us. You can find the course schedule for 2017 and 2018 here as well.