What has the Salesforce Partner ecosystem brought Nextview and her customers over the last six years, and what is to be expected in the coming years? Read all about it in this blog.

Today, Tuesday October 24th 2017, Salesforce published the updated IDC research on the Salesforce economy with an outlook to 2022. A couple of highlights:

  • Salesforce, its ecosystem of partners and customers will create 3.3 million NEW jobs by 2022
  • Together they generate $859 billion in new business revenues worldwide by 2022
  • For every dollar earned by Salesforce, the ecosystem will gain $5.20

Along with the updated IDC research, Salesforce is also launching the new AppExchange today. Features, such as intelligent search, personalized recommendations and embedded Trailhead Learning, customizes the AppExchange experience for every customer, making it easier to tap into the Salesforce ecosystem and install trusted solutions from its expanded portfolio of Lightning apps, Bolts, Data, industry solutions and more.

The new IDC study confirms the path that we at Nextview have chosen six years ago in the Salesforce Economy. We have been able to grow 40-50% YoY for a couple of reasons:

  • With over fifty seamless releases (Winter, Spring, Summer) since the start of Salesforce; new features and functions are added constantly, always keeping the line open to our customers for ways to improve and innovate
  • A strong community in which can learn and share, but also give back.
  • A partner ecosystem that supports sustainable growth and can be utilized to develop our practice and products

What does this mean for our customers?

With our motto ‘start small, think big and scale fast’ we help our customers to get going in the Cloud and build on from there. Given the nature of the Salesforce Platform (clicks before code, one version of the software, scalable, secure and mobile) adding new features and functions is in the hand of the user.

An example of how this worked out for one of our customers, a large bank in the Netherlands. We started with a Sales Cloud implementation for one of their departments, about 100 users. Within 3 months they were up and running, the point from where the business users started to pick up the benefits. By constantly adding new features and functions, the business was able to develop the solution over time. By doing so other departments got interested and started their own Salesforce implementations using Service Cloud and App Cloud. With now almost 500 users on the Salesforce platform this customer is on its way to fully get in the cloud.

The Business App Store

With the AppExchange just one click away, we have the power of the community at our fingertips. By reusing best practices that have been fitted into an App or Component, features and functions can be added to an existing Salesforce product like you add Apps from the App Store on your phone. The AppExchange is the Business App Store.

Key to every implementation is change management. Making sure the users adopt the new solution and stay engaged along the way has to be top of mind. To facilitate this process we have recently launched our own App in the AppExchange, 369method. This method, support by the App enables teams to collectively work on their ideal workplace and provide insights how employee engagement is evolving while going through change. Using the AppExchange, we have a platform through which we can sell our App worldwide.

What does this mean for our employees?

Providing excellent career opportunities and ways to grow and develop themselves, that is what that means. By being active in the Salesforce community, learning using Trailhead and becoming certified, they are setting themselves up for success in the Salesforce economy. The best example is probably our Nextview colleague Martijn Schwarzer. New to Salesforce back in 2011, starting the Benelux Salesforce Developer Group in 2013 and now a respected MVP in community.

So, where does it take us from here?

With the growth that Salesforce has shown since it started back in 1999, we probably have only seen the beginning. We believe that the future in the Salesforce economy is full of innovation and fun. However, the most important part is the fact that through the Salesforce Community we can continue give back, to our employees, customer and partners, to make this world a better place.