For years now Salesforce has dominated the CRM market helping companies to sell, service, market, analyze, and connect with their customers by providing standard products and features. Next to that Salesforce offers the well-known App Cloud to customize and extend the Salesforce experience. What is much less well known however is that Salesforce also offers a great product that can help a business to go beyond the Salesforce experience and push the customer and employee engagement to the limit. Meet Heroku.

What is Heroku?

Heroku is a cloud-based platform that you can use to create, deploy, monitor, and scale modern web-based apps. As it runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure and the operation of the servers. And by using the Heroku services on top of AWS all operational complexity is taken away and your developers can focus on developing and delivering innovative and engaging applications that immediately start producing value. And the best thing? With Heroku Connect your data in Salesforce is available for use in Heroku with a few mouse clicks.

Why should I be excited?

Because, with Heroku you can quickly start getting even more value from your Salesforce solution. How? In general, we see three main use cases:

  • Extend Salesforce with an application that maximizes your user engagement. With Heroku we can implement any experience that we want for customers and employees, there where it makes a difference for your business. You want to power up your Community Cloud? Or build an engaging customer-facing app? Or even have a custom application for that critical business process where you need to differentiate from your competitors. With Heroku we easily tap in to your standard CRM processes and your data to offer you a pixel-perfect experience.
  • Innovate your business processes. This can involve building applications to innovate your business model, crunching loads of data to provide you with that intelligence that gives you the edge, profiting from multi-cloud functionality, or by profiting to the full extent of the exciting possibilities offered by the Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning and Chat Bots. And as you can focus on the application, instead of on infrastructure and operation, you can quickly develop your application allowing you to start testing your great ideas on your end users from the start. Are your users as excited as you are? You can easily scale the application to keep pace with your success. If not? You say goodbye without too many heartaches.
  • Modernize your landscape. Do you still have legacy applications running on own servers next to your shiny Salesforce system? Or applications where you totally depend on this one hero in your company? You can migrate the legacy applications to Heroku to simplify your landscape and the operation of your application, hence lowering the TCO.

We can help you!

Interested to know that Heroku can do for you? We bring our vast experience in Salesforce, innovation and developer to help you identify exciting opportunities that immediately start adding value. Contact Sjoerd Santegoets ( to find out how we can help you.!