Earlier this year, the Nextview Design Thinking Center colleagues came together to define a focus point. We love wicked problems and are willing to do anything but we wanted to define what is important to us for this year. The focus areas help us grow with in depth knowledge that enables us to help our clients on multiple levels and for a longer term.

Three types of focus

Many leaders and coaches talk about the importance of having focus to be successful. We formulated this slightly differently, we need to focus to define where we will give our attention to. Daniel Goleman, psychologist with expertise in guiding professional teams and writer of the book ‘focus, the hidden ingredient in excellence’, defines three types of attention/focus.

There is inner focus, outer focus and other focus, which interestingly match rather well with the Design Thinking mindset. Other focus is the type that stands for having empathy for the people around us, outer focus is an outlook on the world around us and understanding what happens here which brings me to inner focus: the focus you have on yourself.* We are adding self focus to our daily practice at the Design Thinking Center.

Focus themes

When we looked out the customers we are currently servicing and the changes we notice in the world around us we were able to define 4 focus themes. The themes help us to gain more expertise and a focus on the exact knowledge that we need to gain in order to help the world out there much better. We chose to focus on the themes: Digitization and the effects of the digital era, Planet centric innovation, The systems we live in and the connections between them and lastly the Human aspect of a system we call a company. The themes will be further discussed in  coming posts as well as their interconnectedness.

We are thrilled to dive into the themes and tag you all along on our journeys. Starting with in depth research on what is already out there we move to the learnings at our clients and adding the knowledge that we gain. This results in workshops that will support the pursue of a variety of goals.