New Summer ’16 feature

Newly added feature to the Lightning App Builder is the ability to create custom record pages for the Lightning experience. This will give you the ability to create your own Record Pages via a wizard. Read all about how this works in this blog.

App Builder

The Lightning App Builder is a point-and-click tool that makes it easy to create custom app pages for Salesforce1. With the Lightning App Builder, you can combine various components on a single app home page to give your Salesforce1 users what they need all in one place. This all was the case until Summer ’16 as of know this can also be done for the Lightning experience.

With the App Builder you now can create the following types of pages:

  • App Page
  • Home Page
  • Record Page

App page

With the App page type you have the ability the combine multiple Lightning Components on one page. This previously was only working for Salesforce1 but as of Summer ’16 this also is available for Lightning Experience.

Home Page

For the Sales cloud users, the Lightning Home Page is very useful. But if you are not interested in your Quarterly Performance and Top Deals because you are a Service Cloud user fear not you can now customize the Home Page. So for Instance you only see the latest cases you worked on.

Record Pages

Via this wizard you will have the ability to add components to for example your account home page. This will give you the ability to add extra functionality to you account home page. This extra functionality can consist of Component downloaded from the AppExchange or Self developed components or Standard Components provided by Salesforce.

Layout types 

While creating a Record Page threw the Lightning App you will be given a choice between the following layout types.

Based on the layout type selected you can drag components to the different locations of the layout.

The App Builder’s user interface

The Lightning App Builder’s user interface makes creating app pages easy. In the tool below you can see the available components, a canvas and the settings you can set per component.


The Tool is very powerful and gives us the ability to enhance or even completely change Home Page Layouts in the Lightning Experience. In the example below we demonstrate how your own customized account Record Page could look like.



In the example we added an extra twitter feed and added added a custom Visualforce component with a Wikipedia search on the account.

Do you want to know more about customizing Salesforce Lightning Pages? Please get in touch.