We all know the examples of Uber and Airbnb, but make no mistake, digital disruption is on every corner. The average lifespan of S&P500 companies decreased dramatically from 60 years to 20 years with technology mentioned as one of the most important elements. Are you ready?

Time for change

In this series of blogs I want to highlight some trends which are key to be aware of when you are in marketing, sales and service. In our portfolio we fully focus on customer 360 and everything you need in marketing, sales and service to make it real. We all know we need to break down our company silo’s, be customer first, etc. And we also see companies struggling for years, coming from product oriented or operational excellence focus and looking for a way out to change.

“The ability to successfully engage with this disruption can be the difference between thriving and sliding down the performance curve.”  – Gartner, digital disruption e-book

Key themes in disruption

But how to innovate? There’s no shortage of opportunities to innovate. And that’s the problem.  Companies need direction on where to invest and when to stop investing. Let me highlight three themes in innovation:

  • Customer centric is here to stay. We are moving away from product focus and understand that the customer needs to be in the center. But why and how? And customer lifetime value already coming up in the next maturity level, you need to keep up in pace.
  • Digitizing operation in mostly seen as operational excellence, but with all the new technology like IoT, chatbots, connected everywhere, operational excellence gets a totally different flavour. And do not mix up true innovation and digitizing operations!
  • Data driven is the most sexy and foggy subject in the past years, from data lakes through machine learning into Artificial Intelligence. Technology is not a constraint anymore, that far beyond the experimental phase. But finding the true value for your organization, driving growth, new business models or competitive advantage, that the key challenge.

Answer the real questions

This is why more and more organisations see the value of Design Thinking as a structured approach to discover, design and deliver the improvement of your performance. It helps you to discover the real questions, answers and priorities. From the roadmap you can easily start your design and deliver in small iterative steps and discover the true value, experiment and survive the digital disruption in your industry.


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