Do you hold the Certified Salesforce Administrator or Platform App Builder certification? Do you think it is time to refresh your knowledge and prepare yourself for your maintenance exams? The Summer ’17 Release maintenance exams have just been released and includes interesting updates for you to be aware of. Ensure to be informed on the following Salesforce Summer ’17 release notes in order to get prepared for the maintenance exam.

For Administrators:

The world’s #1 enterprise social network and probably the “coolest” feature of Salesforce, has now become even better by letting you track the number of people who have seen your post. Private and Unlisted Chatter groups have now a seen-by count feature shown in Lightning, that counts the amount of people who liked, commented, edited and viewed the post in detail.


Reassigning Approval requests
Let’s face it! Mistakes can always happen. What if you are an HR Manager and you receive an approval request for a Sales Opportunity? In Salesforce Classic, you could easily reassign the approval request to the correct approver, but what if you want to use Lightning or if you are on the go? With the Summer ’17 Release, you are now able to reassign approval requests in Lightning Experience, as well as in all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Would you like to be able to keep the records attached to a lead when the lead is converted? The new Salesforce Release gives you the opportunity to keep those files attached to the resulting contact, account, person account and opportunity records. What is more, you can now match your account faster to the lead with Account Matching and you can use the API to relate an already existing opportunity to the lead.

Log a call action for Lightning Experience
Do you feel restricted in using the global action or switching to Salesforce Classic every time you want to use a Log a Call action? Now, Lightning Experience offers a new Log a Call action for the case feed that works exactly as in Salesforce Classic, including features that the global action does not have, such as auto-populating the case contact and auto-linking the call log to the case. You can find this new action in the case page layout in both Salesforce1 and Lightning Actions, as well as under quick actions.

Dashboard filters in Lightning Experience
The Lightning Dashboard builder allows you to add, remove or edit filters from your dashboard to satisfy everybody’s needs. You no longer have to switch to Classic in order to choose different views of data.

For Platform App Builders:

This cool feature of Salesforce, helps App Builders check their code compliance. In case the APEX or Visualforce code running is not updated, Optimizer flags the code to help developers update it to the latest API version.

Embed flows in Lightning Pages
A flow component is now introduced to the Lightning App Builder, allowing you to all flows to any Lightning page. What is even more interesting, is that you can now deploy your flows via packages, change sets, sandbox copies, trialforce templates and Metadata API.

Field History Tracking available for Lightning
One of the most important Salesforce features to track previous values or changes of the fields you are using is now available in Lightning Experience as well. You no longer have to switch to Salesforce Classic every time you want to keep an audit trail.

No longer suppressed emails from automated field updates
Are you tired of work-arounds and duplicated emails concerning email notifications that do not go through due to automated field updates? With the new Summer ’17 Release, you do not have to worry about that anymore. If a change triggers a process, workflow rule, or Apex trigger that updates the same record, Salesforce no longer suppresses the email notifications sent.

Use encrypted fields in formulas
If you thought that retrieving encrypted data with formulas is impressive, wait until you see the new Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption service. The new update gives you the possibility to reference even encrypted data! That’s right! You can now quickly reference the data you need, even when they are encrypted, as well as Quick Actions and render encrypted data in text, date and date/time formats.

Go and pass your Summer ’17 maintenance exam

Salesforce is constantly making steps in optimizing its features & releasing new ones – administrators and consultants need to make sure that they are constantly informed on the latest functionalities. After having read the above, you are ready to go ahead and register for the Summer ’17 Release Exam here. For more information, please visit the Salesforce FAQ Summer ’17 Release Exams webpage.

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