At Nextview we bring data to life! That can be done in various setups and in many possible ways. In this specific blog, we want to show how easy it is to connect, to analyze and to present actionable insights based on Social Media Activity with Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Heroku. 

We’ve created a setup where we can monitor all Twitter activity (including its sentiment) worldwide around configurable hashtags #EinsteinAnalytics and #DataTribe, which are being used in the Salesforce Einstein Analytics Community. Isn’t it cool to create such a worldwide overview? A great advantage of Einstein Analytics is that you can embed an Einstein dashboard directly in your core processes in Salesforce. All information in one place and the possibility to take actions directly from this page. For example, when we see a negative sentiment in a certain part of the world it is possible to create an alert or task for a specific country/area manager. Let them find out what’s right or wrong directly!

The technical setup for this experiment is quite clean, fully cloud-based and fast up-and-running. A Java application reads the configurable keywords from Salesforce and queries the Twitter API. In this case, we are only querying the Einstein community hashtags #DataTribe and #EinsteinAnalytic. We want to find out what the differences are in sentiment around the world. All the results are analyzed by an open-source sentiment API and subsequently written in a Heroku Postgres database. With Heroku Connect, all records are sent to Salesforce. The Einstein Analytics Dataflow runs every couple of hours to sync all records to Einstein. It’s possible to retrieve records directly from Heroku Postgres into Einstein Analytics with a standard connector, but we want to use the capabilities of actionable insights later on and – therefore – want the records in Salesforce. The Einstein Analytics Dashboard will be displayed on the Lightning Page to create direct insights and actions. 

The Einstein Analytics Dashboard shows the number of tweets worldwide, including its sentiment on a standard map with autozoom. When the end-user wants to zoom in, the map will automatically refit and show more details. The flat gauge graphs show to what extent goals are reached in this week (total tweets and the unique number of countries). Other insights, as a trendline with activity per day or the best contributors, give also great insight. This dataset is limited to a one-week set. With more data, it’s also possible to forecast the number of tweets in the upcoming period. 

The overall sentiment around #DataTribe and #EinsteinAnalytics is really positive! Especially in  Europe, there are only a lot of positive Tweets. In facts, there are only a couple of Tweets with a slightly negative tone worldwide. An outlier can be the start of action or task for a specific person. This can be annotated directly out the dashboard – and can be followed up in Salesforce.

Do you want to bring your data to life? Please reach out to Rudi Vereijken ( or Jip Koning ( for our vision on the fast track to value with data!