Are you, or those around you, suffering from burnout at work? If so, you aren’t alone. In the Netherlands alone, 13% of employees report burnout and 35% report work-related stress as the primary reason for leaving a company. And when looking at these numbers on an international scale, the problem only intensifies. So what can you do to improve your work-life balance? 

The recurring theme cited in all of these studies is that employees lack the work-life balance needed to maintain a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. Various sources allude to the importance of a work-life balance within an organization, as it facilitates a sustainable workforce where employees are engaged with their work and display a sense of efficacy.

The rise of encouraging working environments

With the grim reality of burnout, more organizations are looking to implement internal processes to avoid it. In fact, a cornerstone of the upcoming movement of B Corporations is to promote company-wide policies that allow employees to develop and flourish in an encouraging work environment.

This push for better workplaces works alongside their primary goal of using business as a force for good, encouraging more companies to be sustainable and contribute to a great social impact. Not to mention the countless parties who have similar goals in mind.

Source: Staples Workplace Index 2016

At The Next View, we know how important it is to establish life-work balance, which is why we have implemented employee-friendly processes. Plus, The Next View has been recognized for these efforts by being named A Great Place to Work.

How to choose a company that will facilitate work-life balance

So, how do you make sure your future employer prioritizes work-life balance? According to a large-scale study conducted by Staples Business Advantage (see the bottom of the post for a visual summary of results), there are several things you can keep an eye out for.

  • 1) Find an inspiring office to work in 

Inspiring offices promote creativity by having workspaces that cater to all kinds of workers. Look for companies that work in offices with a mix of open office space, which encourage co-creation and accessibility, and quiet spaces for when you may need to concentrate.

The Next View has a partnership with the Design Thinking Center to encourage innovative thinking.

  • 2) Look for smart office design

So many as 43% of workers want to work in an office that values workplace design. Do you fit in this category? If so, look for offices with natural light, standing desks, and furniture that is multipurpose and flexible. In our Den Bosch office, we have completely redesigned the space to cater to this flexible way of working.

The Next View Den Bosch Office

3) Offer telecommuting and sustainability programs

Working for a company that stands for something greater than the bottom is increasingly important for employees. We think so too, which is why we have been invovled in various sustainability projects. Because of this involvement, we recently become a certified B Corp.

So far, we’ve seen that our B Corp projects have been a big asset to our team’s work-life balance. Through projects like hosting Design Week @ School, participating in charity fundraisers, and driving electric company cars, we are able to design business as a force for good.

We also allow our employees to work from home when they want. Decreasing our company’s carbon foot where possible!

Source: Staples Workplace Index 2016

  • 4) Offer a wellness program

Sixty-two percent of employees said a wellness program is a selling point when looking for a new job. Which makes sense, because when employees are spending extended periods working in the office or onsite with a client, fatigue can start to set in.

We avoid this from happening by investing in activities that allow for our team to relax. For instance, we provide our team with first class subscriptions for the train, 26 vacation days, and have an in-office gym that can be used at any time of the day. Plus, if you are an expecting father, you will get a paid week off after the birth.

  • Final words

Working in an environment that promotes work-life balance will help prevent work-related stress that may result in decreased productivity or job dissatisfaction. It has been proven that a sustainable workplace contributes to employees that feel taken care of, are more committed, and more likely to go above and beyond. Are you ready to work for a company that takes this seriously? Then, you’re in luck – we’re hiring!

Interested to see the culture we have set to improve our employee’s work-life balance? Download our culture guide below.


 SBA Workplace Index 2016 Summary