Exciting times

The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 is upon us. This current trend in the manufacturing evolutionary cycle of the human race talks about hyper-connected systems that will enable smarter decisions and seamless information flow.  I cherry pick my favorites from the trending technology pool below:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning : Allowing machines to learn from us first and then make autonomous decisions
  • Natural Language Processing: Allowing machines to break down sentences into meaningful and actionable information
  • Voice Recognition: Enabling devices to ‘transcribe’ speech to sentences
  • Gesture Recognition: Enabling machines to map out hand and finger geometries and movements
  • Internet of Things: Sensors that can translate hardware functioning to usable signals  

I have been fascinated with the possibilities of these technologies for a while now. Since I have worked with Salesforce for around 7 years, I naturally tend to think of quirky and exciting use cases.

The next section lists some of these possibilities which I would like to implement and use in the near future.

Use Cases

Use Case


Possible Solution

An IT manager would like to send information from Salesforce to an external system via gesture recognition A gesture recognition device would differentiate between the various types of hand/finger movements to facilitate this Leap Motion provides a Javascript API which can be incorporated into a Lightning Component to realise a Jarvis-like interface
A Sales user would like to work on records seamlessly by using his/her thoughts A specific thought, for instance, ‘Save the record’, emits a different frequency signal v/s another thought, ‘Delete the record’.

These signals can be mapped to the intent to enable thought to drive our navigation

An EEG device (which captures brain signals) can be hooked up to a computer and turbocharged with IBM Watson’s Machine Learning Algorithms
The Customer Service department would like to announce critical milestones, issues or accomplishments automatically on their announcement system A ‘High’ priority case is created for a medical company which manufactures Pace makers for private use. This needs to be announced to the entire Customer Service department Alexa’s API’s can be integrated with Salesforce to push audio notifications to an Amazon Alexa speaker connected to the department’s announcement system
A real estate developer would like visitors to be able to engage with surroundings in their future home A VR headset in combination with gesture recognition is used to allow each individual to customise the interiors of the house and see the changes in real time- while walking around the property An Oculus sensor can be used for the virtual rendering with certain details customised based on the individual’s Lead record pulled from Salesforce

And with that, I leave you with (hopefully) a skip in your step and excitement as you imagine the futuristic, ‘Saas-y’ world of Salesforce. We, at Nextview, pride ourselves in keeping Design Thinking at the forefront of our Salesforce implementations.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and other use cases you can think of with me at kanav.khurana@nextview.nl!